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Rising Sun Clubhouse Programs

Learn more about the programs we offer our members and community!

Lunch Program

Monday to Friday, we offer fresh home cooked meals. Members are more than welcome to help in the kitchen or offer meal ideas. Lunch program is for members and invited community guests.
Hours of Serving Time are: 12:00pm - 12:30pm
Cost: Members: $4.00 | Non-Members: $8.00
Those Members holding a charge account need to charge their meal before 11:45am.

We have a Themed Lunch once a month.

Recreational Activities

We offer a variety of activities, consisting of swimming, movies, exercise groups, shopping, karaoke, dances, bingo, games and much more. Members are welcomed to offer activity ideas.

Check Monthly Clubhouse Calendar

Action Transit

This is a free transportation service provided by AHS/CCMBHI for Inpatients, Outpatients, and members of the clubhouse.

Bus runs Monday-Friday 8am-4pm with scheduled stops within Ponoka town limits. Bus schedule can be picked up at the clubhouse. This service does not run on STAT holidays.

Recycling Program

Active members that meet requirements may have an employment opportunity. The program consists of a four-day week (Monday - Thursday), and every 2nd Friday. We have one supervisor with two to three members, who go out in the community and pick up cardboard and blue box recyclables from local businesses and residences.

Interested in using our services? Contact us for more information.

We all deserve the right to a place to come, meaningful work, relationships and a place to return.

Betty’s Book Corner

One of our members has created and manages a library within our clubhouse with books and movies that have been donated, the library is set up very user friendly and is free for our membership to access.

53rd & Main Canteen / Boutique

The Canteen/Boutique is operated by our membership on a volunteer basis. Hours are Monday-Friday 10:30am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Evening and weekend hours are set by staff depending on the set activities.
The Canteen is a snack shop with chips, bars, pop, as well as the occasional special such as ice cream. We also have toiletries for purchase.
The Boutique is clothing, and from time to time household items and jewellery, that is donated to the clubhouse by residents of our community. Clothing is free for our membership.

Serenity Room

The Serenity Room was a project the membership took lead on through our Vision Workshops. This quiet room is for anyone to use when you are in need of peace or if there is need to meet in private.
You will find the Serenity Room to be a calming escape. We have added items of relaxation to help you if needed or interested such as, Blue Light, Books, Coloring/Art Therapy, Music, Aromatherapy, as well as a Fidget Box.
Membership, Staff and Community Support have access to The Serenity Room as it is available during Clubhouse hours.