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A Word From Our Member, Alex

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It was only about two years ago that I was struggling with leaving my house let alone talking to people I did not know.  I suffer from agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house) and social phobia (fear of social situations). 

I couldn't even walk into most stores because fear gripped me so bad.  One day I got the courage to walk into the Rising Sun Clubhouse.  I didn't know it then, but this was slowly going to change the way I lived.  It took several months before I started going to the clubhouse on a regular basis.  The first thing that made a difference was that there was structure in the activities.  This didn't leave me on my own to try and meet people.  The second thing that made a difference was the comradery amongst the members.  I remember sitting in wellness group scared to speak or look anyone in the eyes.  A problem I no longer suffer from today.  When I go into an activity at the clubhouse I feel at ease and very safe.  I still get some anxiety when we have suppers with the church or we go to places like Red Deer and Wetaskiwin.  I still miss a fair number of those functions.  That being said with the support of other members we have gone in groups to two sports events.  Something I couldn't even dream of a few years ago.  
Something else they have done is provided me with employment.  With my fears and phobias it was impossible for me to get a job. I was able to work with people I had gotten to know over a year and a half. This allowed me an easy transition into the job.  Since being able to work for the first time in years my self esteem has gone way up.  I feel as though I am accomplishing something every week.  It has given me some control over my life and the structure I need to leave my house regularly.  
In short the clubhouse has made living day to day a little bit easier.