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A Word From Our Member, Teresa Larson

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What does the Ponoka Rising Sun Club Mean to Me? The Clubhouse is a safe place for me to go and not be judged because of my illness. When I first came to the Clubhouse 13 years ago.

I had hit rock bottom in my life. I had low self esteem, no confidence in myself, and I felt like I didn't matter. The Clubhouse gave me confidence by volunteering and learning other aspects of the clubhouse. It gave me meaning in my life. I had love and support by all the members and staff. I've been inspired by all the stories of the members, and that I've learned from them. I was able to open my heart again and show my love and compassion for others. It’s been a real journey and at times very difficult, learning to accept my illness for what it is. I've learned I'm not my illness, I'm more than that. I hope my story will help others and inspire them through their journey. I believe you cant judge a book by its cover, you need to look deeper to get to know someone, as we are all human, and we all have a purpose.